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Through the webtools you use, your connected objects and simple web browsing you create a huge amount of personal data. Unfortunately, you can't take advantage of it to its full potential. It's a pity because you could be learning a lot on yourself. Imagine, a world of personal data, an unexplored land within your reach. You know you could enter it but you probably don't really know where to start.

KYou is the first step towards this new country. By building analytics directly from you Cozy data, it provides you with the first taste of an empirical knowledge of yourself. Kyou aggregates data from your web applications and displays it as simple charts. Empowered with this new knowledge, you will learn more about you and improve yourself.


Kyou displays analytics using different kinds of tracker: trackers that require a daily recording, trackers that aggregate data from your Cozy apps and trackers that aggregate data from other web applications.

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The following are the first trackers available. And because KYou is libre and open source you can contribute by adding your own tracker to this list.


Record your mood and try to pin point what influences your mood.


Number of steps you perform each day (imported from Jawbone)


Number of minutes you slept every day (imported from Jawbone)


Monitor the number of task you achieve daily in Cozy Todos.


Number of events logged in your calendar every day.


Number of tweets you publish every day.


Amount of money spent (French Bank only).

Custom trackers

Build your own tracker to track your own metric.


KYou is available in the official Cozy Market Place. Setup a Cozy, then select KYou in the "Chose your apps" section.